Once upon a time in India

26 July 4006,
The results of the on going research in the sea near west coast of India are out and it is concluded that there was a major city in this area around 2000 years ago. The city was capital of a region called Maharashtra. The city had high population density. It was financial capital of the country with lots of industrial areas around.
The records also showed that people from northern India were migrated to the city for jobs resulting in a excessive load on the infrastructure. Lack of maintenance and enhancements in the infrastructure, resulted into flood situations in each monsoon. Global warming enforced gradual increase in sea level leading to decrease in shore areas. Some areas were permanently evacuated because of water not draining out from the houses even after monsoon.
Around 1000 years ago, it was the worst monsoon in city resulting in a unimaginable flood and increase in sea water level because of which northern part of the Iceland completely drawn in the sea. Situation continued in the coming year resulting into whole city vanishing into the water. Researchers have found that there were many sky scrapers and some historic monuments in the city. There was a huge railway network around the city with around 5 Lakh people traveling by railway everyday. It was also found that there was excessive usage of plastic in the city resulting into blockage of the sewage water lines.
Some historical records show that this city was frequently attacked by the terrorists with government failing to control the situations. But the explosion of population was worse the explosions of the bombs as it had long term effects. Because of political interests, the north Indian vote banks were given more importance than maintenance of the city. Scientists have claimed that the city was destroyed because of lack of planning by governments rather than natural disasters.
Research is still going on to find more details about this financial capital. In local language, the city was called as Mumbai.

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Mugdha said...

Hats Off Parag!!!
If it continues like this, I am sure u story will def become reality.
Hope it wont happen that way!!

Anonymous said...

so does the extiction of Mumbai mark the extinction of the marathi language too???

मन कस्तुरी रे.. said...


मुंबई च्या भवितव्याविषयी केलेली ही टिप्पणि एकदम छान जमली आहे.....आणि कल्पना विलासाची ही आयडियाही सुरेख!
तुझा ब्लॉग एकूणच फ़ार वाचनिय आहे.
कीप इट अप.